Oktoberfest München Tischreservierungen

Oktoberfest München
Tisch- und Festzeltreservierungen

Oktoberfest Tischreservierungen 2024 - JETZT ANFRAGEN!


Anyone who would like to enjoy international flair combined with the Munich tradition of Oktoberfest should definitely decide for a reservation in the Hofbräu Festhalle, because the counterpart to the Hofbräuhaus in the city of Munich is also the tourist attraction par excellence on the Wiesn.

The beer tent, which is adorned with original hops through and through, for which 12 talents of hop vines are transported from the Holledau to Munich every year, brings together guests from all over the world. Here people are chanting, singing, celebrating and stooping the steins. In the Hofbräu marquee on the Theresienwiese the "A joy of coziness!" From all nations echoes the mouths of the guests.

When reserving the seats in the Hofbräu marquee of the Steinberg family at the Oktoberfest, one decides by the way for the second largest beer tent of its kind on the Munich Theresienwiese, also there is a private standing area right in front of the music podium. Thus, guests from all over the world can sway and celebrate on the tables and musically play by the "Plattlinger Isarspatzen" or the festival band "Münchner Gschichten" in the seventh Bavarian sky, while they taste the delicious Hofbräu beer.

  • Host: Family Steinberg
  • Seats: 6898 inside, 3022 outside
  • Brewery: Hofbräu Munich
  • Music: Plattlinger Isarspatzen, Münchner Gschichten
  • Specials: For lunch Bavarian delicacies available at reasonable prices
  • Location: between hacker marquee and archery marquee
  • Opening hours: 16.09.2023 - 03.10.2023 from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

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