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Oktoberfest München
Tisch- und Festzeltreservierungen


Anyone who decides to book at the Armbrustschützen-Festzelt at the Munich Oktoberfest can even watch the German championship in crossbow shooting that takes place there every year during his visit to the Wiesn. The marquee, which has been on the Theresienwiese since 1910 and is run by the Inselkammer family, was built in the style of a huge, large alpine house and has been in possession of its own rifleman's facility for 110 years.

If you would like to sit in the tent with a fresh draft beer from the Paulaner Brewery and enjoy the music of the Oktoberfest band PLATZL, then reserving seats in the crossbow shooting hall on the Theresienwiese is the right choice. The atmosphere in the beer tent is fueled by groovy Oktoberfest hits, but also traditional brass music or even a waltz. There are also culinary delights such as the typical Bavarian Schweinshaxn or Bratwürstl. The host family Inselkammer is also committed to the older generation of Munich Wiesngänger. Each year, it hosts 200 Munich seniors free of charge and donates each year to the Munich Wiesn Foundation.

Here are the currently available table reservations for the Armbrustschützen-Festzelt

  • Host: Family Peter Inselkammer
  • Seats: 5830 inside, 1600 outside
  • Brewery: Paulaner
  • Music: Oktoberfestkapelle PLATZL
  • Special features: own rifle system in the tent; every year German championship in crossbow shooting
  • Smoking Area: Yes, in the garden (next to the main entrance)
  • Location: Wirtsbudengasse (between Marstall Festzelt and the Hofbräu Marquee)
  • Opening hours: 21.09.2019 - 06.10.2019 from 9:00 to 23:00


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Josef Hofrichter
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  Fax: 08157-926862
  Mobile: 0171-4515144

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